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  • Nicole Roe, 노유경 Chief Executive Officer
  • Sarah-Jane Chang, 장정아 Chief Financial Officer
  • Soohee Yang, 양수희 Chief Creative Officer
  • Yeonhee Park, 박연희 Talent Management Director
  • Junho Kim, 김준호 Managing Director,
    Publicis Groupe Korea
  • Jiyeon Park, 박지연 Managing Director,
    Publicis Media Korea
  • Taehoon Hwang, 황태훈 Managing Director,
    PMX Korea
  • Sukbong Hong, 홍석봉 Executive Strategy Director &
    Account Management Director
  • Hyeah Nahm, 남혜아 Executive Creative Director
  • Inbum Lee, 이인범 Data & Business Transformation Director
  • Wonmin Yoon, 윤원민 Media Account Management Director
  • Myongah Sung, 성명아 Executive Planning Director &
    Account Management Director
  • Hyejung Lee, 이혜정 Digital Transformation Director &
    Account Management Director
  • Kangwon Weon, 원강원 Account Management Director
  • Soyoung Lee, 이소영 General Manager,<br> MSL Korea
  • EunJung Kim, 김은정 Media Account Management Director
  • Jungho Kim, 김정호 Media Account Management Director
  • Sujin Lee, 이수진 Data &amp; Digital Intelligence Lead

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